Saturday, June 5, 2010

a tribute to the roomies

this upcoming week is going to be a bittersweet one. summer's finally here (YES!) and finals will be over in a week. the sad news is that my roommates and i are moving out of our adorable house on hill street and we'll be going our separate ways and living with different friends next year. even though living with four other girls has been a challenge, i've been extremely lucky to have lived with kat, jess and ashley for the last year (two years for kat and ashley!). they've been great roommates and i look forward to hanging out at their new houses next year.

miss ashley- thank you for putting up with me all year long. living in the same room hasn't been easy but i'm so glad that we have a strong enough relationship to be honest with each other about when we're driving each other nuts. i can't wait to visit you and your new roomies next year! they seem like they like to bring the party, just like we do!

miss jessica- thank you for all of our couch conversations. i always love coming home and seeing you and kat downstairs watching friends. i'm SO excited that trenn is finally moving to slo and i look forward to many-a-nights downtown with the two of you. please bring your giant martini glass when we go downtown. =)

miss katerina- i'm so lucky that brett has brought you into my life. you're a fun lady and a very good influence on me (thanks for getting me to study!). i'm also so lucky that you've brought megan into our lives. she's fabulous. i can't wait to visit you two next year- can we say GIRLS NIGHTS?! =) we're women. it's 1880. LET'S LIGHT A FIRE!

thank you, you three, for being wonderful. we may not be living together next year, but that doesn't mean we'll be seeing any less of each other.

bye, house with the red door. you've been good to us.

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Kat said...

im going to miss living with you too, nikol!!!!