Thursday, May 20, 2010

ricearoni/san fran.

last weekend i headed up to san francisco for robbie's beta formal and to participate in bay to breakers, a wild and crazy marathon where people get dressed up (or naked) to run amuck the streets of the city.

the ride up north is so pretty. this is my favorite part. there are rows of trees on both sides of the road:

we crammed two betas in the backseat of robbie's mustang. poor guys!

when we finally got to s.f. we headed to a giants game and hit the bars afterward. needless to say, there was no need to take pictures.

the view from our hotel room in the morning.

saturday robbie and i got up early to explore the city. we found my FAVORITE FOOD EVER:

robbie loves cheese too...

we walked from pier 1 to fisherman's wharf.... about 40 piers away. there was a group of cute little skateboarders who followed us halfway there. they did all sorts of cool tricks. they lined up in a row and all ducked under this sign. it was so cute. they went under like swoop, swoop, swoop, one after another.

we met up with ryan, my sister's fiance who lives in san fran, for lunch at boudins. they sell loaves of sourdough bread in funny shapes. my baby turtles loaves:

i was craaaaving a hot fudge sunday from ghirardelli's so ryan led us over there.

some city shots:

we learned how to take the muni. robbie and i caught on pretty quick. i've been really into leg shots and have only taken them of girls. here are sam's legs in the muni subway:

SHOPPING!!!!!!! i bought a big, black, floppy hat for the horse races this summer! and i grabbed some black flats because the heeled boots i was wearing weren't cutting the hills in s.f.

you name it.

beta held a formal saturday night at the hotel. there was a fancy dinner and dancing. cheers to sam for planning a successful event!

bay to breakers was sunday. people started the marathon SUPER early in the morning. we could hear the runners/walkers drunkenly cheering at about 8 in the morning. a great way to wake up, i know.

the streets:

people dressed up in fun costumes. can you guess what we were?!

(where's waldo....?!)

sam peeing on the portapotties... a bit ironic. one guy ran across the top of the potties. it was hilarious.

i really like this shot for some reason.

yay, san fran!

beautiful city and beautiful trip. i'm looking forward to visiting it MANY more times when pagey moves up there.

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Danielle said...

glad you had a great time in SF.
it's hard not to.