Friday, September 5, 2008


i have nine days until i go back to school. i am absolutely so excited for this year. i saw ashley two nights ago and we stayed up so late talking about all the exciting things that are going to happen this year. we also talked about how san luis obispo is such a special place. it's kind of like narnia. once you drive past that bridge that connects to an island, it's like you're in this little pocket on earth that is so different and so unique from every other place in the world. this year is going to be amazing.

i have four days to write three 500-word articles for Inland Empire Magazine (exciting, i know!). and yes, i get a byline for these three pieces. WOOT.

i have two days til i work my last sunday at the golf course. mr. crusoe comes in on sundays and he is so generous and so nice. by far my favorite customer.

i have one minute until i go eat some chicken fingers with ketchup.

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