Sunday, October 19, 2008

i'm bringing sexy back

vegas was amazing.
a cute boy bought me a drink.
i danced to justin timberlake all night long.
i got to lay by the pool with a pina colada.
i got a pedicure.
i had dessert at midnight- twice.
this was such a great weeknd.
JT concert
lunch after pedicures.

walking the strip.


Carizza said...

This is me, very jealous.

I'm so happy you had a wonderful time. Now to have wonderful times together...

Samantha Rose said...

i love your yellow dress! vegas looks beautiful. when we're all you me and mo should definitely road trip it.

Samantha Rose said...

when we're all 21*

Hannah said...

Hey Nikol! I just found your blog through Sami's so I figured I'd say hi :)