Friday, January 30, 2009

go to bed already.

there are some days that i question what the heck i'm doing with my life.

today was not one of those days.
thank god.

today was one of those i'm in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing kind of day. 

i am happy in san luis obispo. 
i am happy that i am 19.
i am happy that i am studying journalism.

i realize that this optimism seems annoying and overenthusiastic about life, so i'm going to bring it down a notch.

both the office and grey's were old episodes tonight. oh, and it's 12:47 in the morning. i have work at 8. 

i guess it's a new day and i need to go to bed. what the heck am i doing with my life? 

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Monica M. said...

Hey Nikol, thanks so much! I'm excited to write this blog! And yes I have seen Zoot Suit. It's one of my favorites! That'll be a topic then! And all other movies with Edward James Olmos! :D I'm so glad that you're feeling so good right now.