Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my friend, katerina.

i got home today around six and found a pretty note on my desk. i read it and i cried.

kat wrote me the nicest note about our friendship.

though i promised myself that i wouldn't think or talk about him (i can't right now), i think it's only relevant to bring aaron up in this instance.

my favorite thing about kat is that she knows how to give the good kind of hugs that brett gives. last quarter i was having a pity party in my room, all alone, feeling bad and sorry for myself about the whole aaron deal. kat comes in and just gives me this tight, tight hug and tells me that it's ok that i miss him. at that moment it was like something clicked and we took that next step from being friends to being close friends. i really needed somebody to tell me that it was ok that i was sad.

all of my friends have been so great about me dealing with aaron in my own way. everyone has been accepting and have been great listeners. especially my roommates. ashley, kat, and cassie have had more than enough of aaron-talk and i'm so thankful that they have listened. i'm done thinking and talking about him for now until i am over it.

katerina, i am glad that you are my roommate and friend. life would be much sadder (and a lot quieter... no squawking or meowing...) without you. =)

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Danielle Fletcher. said...

roommates are the best.