Wednesday, January 7, 2009

totally a single lady.

ashley just came in and gave me the new b-town cd (for those of you who aren't in the IN crowd... b-town is beyonce). i am beyond excited.

2009, aside from a few faultering steps, has lead me in the right direction. odd years are definitely better than even years... lots of cute boys in my classes... lots of working hours (equaling lots of dollars)... lots of parties to go to... life is good.

here are the shoes i bought at target in the little girls section:

aaron mccoy is my hero because he is so damn good at writing. 


Hannah said...

geeze, you can fit into shoes in the little girl's section and I can probably fit into shoes in the men's section. Life is not fair :p

nicole. said...

i'm proud of you. you're the smartest, prettiest, best little un-sister i have.