Wednesday, February 25, 2009

peace off.

i have ashes on my forehead because it's ash wednesday. which means lent has begun.

our apartment decided that lent didn't begin until we got our ashes.

i was thinking about what to give up for lent. i came up with:

- shoes (i think you're supposed to sacrifice something and this wouldn't be considered a sacrifice since i hate wearing shoes)
- complaining (too hard.)
- talking (too hard.)
- breathing (WAY too hard.)
- telling the truth (again, i think the sacrifice is supposed to improve your innerself.... so, no go.)

i finally decided that i'm going to give up being lazy.

everyday i'm going to run. even if it's only for 10 minutes. even when i'm in mazatlan. even after a late night. even after a freaking busy day. even before kickboxing and yoga. 

wish me luck. i'm definitely going to need it.

what are you giving up?

1 comment:

pageonpaper said...

christ chex?

40 days&nights of no more diet coke. i'm cranky already