Thursday, May 28, 2009

playing catch-up.

i think there's a boy outside practicing for his choir class or whatever. he keeps singing, oh oh oooooooh ooooooooooh. it's very beautiful. he has a nice voice.

i haven't written in quite a while. not about anything super important, not that i write about super important things anyway. i guess it's just time for a life update.

tonight i took a couple hours to myself to write and think and be creative. i listened to music and watched cheesy things on youtube and just relaxed.

i've come to a couple of conclusions:

1. i'm not taking my summer school photography class. it's too far. i don't want to take the bus. i don't want to ride my bike. it's not that important anyway. i'd rather work. which leads me to my second conclusion.

2. i'm going to get a second job. wish me luck.

3. i love magazine club, but i'm scared of letting people down. i hope that no one is disappointed by the club or by me. i am working on making it amazing.

4. i miss my family. dad, page, lauren, and ryan. it makes me sad that i don't see them as often as i'd like (as in... everyday).

5. i want to be a better friend.

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Rachel said...

okay. this is my response to that post.... first, i absolutely LOVE reading your blog. everything in it is important :) second, i apologize if i ruined your "nikol" time tonight by calling you and freaking out. and third, in response to your conclusions...
1. if you would like to, we can ACTUALLY go take pictures this summer and learn how to use our cameras.
2. i need luck on that too
3. i love magazine club too, i just wish i could be more helpful. everything will be amazing.
4. family is amazing
5. i'm sure i speak for everybody who knows you when i say that i am lucky to have you in my life as a friend and someone i can turn to. :) you're a wonderful friend