Wednesday, May 13, 2009

welcome home.

after a very stressful, scary, uncomfortable couple of days, kat, jess, ashley, cassie and i finally have a house to live in- together. 

the together is the best part. 

the second best part is... THE HOUSE!

our cute, beautiful, little hill house.

our gorgeous kitchen with skylights and a door that leads to the deck.

my favorite part of the house: the outside deck! i can't wait to have summer bbqs!

my room leads right onto the deck. how cute is that?

i am so happy and excited and lucky to be living with every single one of these girls. we're going to have such a great summer and such a great year next year. 

i'm glad we stuck together.


Rachel said...

that house is sooooo cute!!!!! i'm so glad you posted pictures :) i absolutely LOVE the deck!!!

Monica M. said...

This is a really sweet house. I love the skylights in kitchen. And I know, my experience was horrible. Oh well. :)