Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thanks, snapshots.

this summer hasn't really gone how i hoped it would. it's been nice, yes, but i'm about ready to do something amazing with my time.

i'm just not sure what sort of amazingness i should be doing/am capable of doing.

i have a lot of time on my hands. i work (mostly) less than 20 hours a week. i'm not going to school. i spend a lot of time reading at the beach. i'm BORED.

don't get me wrong. i'm really lucky to be living the high life. no work, no school, no responsibilities. but i'm still bored.

lately, i've been wanting to buy a guitar to pass the time. i got a second job to make money, but mostly so i'll have something to do for the next two months. i've bought a couple books (shadow of the wind was FANTASTIC and helen of troy is pretty amazing too) and they're keeping me occupied.

today, i was reading my newst favorite blog by ms. karen russell and i've decided to invest some dollars in my photography. i'm not great, by any means, but i'd like to get better. after reading some of her tips and doing some research, i've really become inspired to become at least a little bit better (and smarter) with my photography.

so. my next paycheck will be gone probably within week because i'm going shopping, baby.

things i'll be buying:
- adobe creative suite. it's cheap at my school, plus it comes with dreamweaver and photoshop and indesign. these are things i need for my magazine club and my newfound serious photography hobby.
- some photoshop actions.
- a mouse for my (alex)mac. that's her name. i don't have a mouse, just a mousepad, so since i'm going to be using photoshop and indesign, i should probably have a mouse.

things i'll be saving for:
- a new nikon lens.
- more photoshop actions (those things are freaking sweet).

wish me luck with my new hobby. if things go well, look for a photography blog!

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Rachel said...

this is so exciting!! i'm buying a tripod soon so we can play :)