Sunday, July 5, 2009

war. what is it good for?

we traveled to the top of the pirate's cove cave to watch fireworks and celebrate independence day (as becca once told me when we were little: we're not celebrating the 4th of july. we're celebrating independence day.).

we had the prettiest view from cave landing. gorgeous.

we met some funny friends who stole sparklers for us and who sang "i'm on a boat," but with some modifications ("i'm on a cliff").

we almost died from the stray fireworks being shot off cave landing and our new friend told us that he thought that this is what it would sound like to be in war. good point, friend. it was scary and loud!

the moon was gorgeous. we could see pismo from pirate's cove. their firework show was nothing compared to being five feet away from the real thing.

becca came to visit. she's a love.

we're heading back to the beach today. i'm such a spoiled brat. and i miss my family.

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