Monday, August 17, 2009

beautiful world.

lots has happened to turn my summer around for the better. 

there's been parties, friends, boys, beach trips, work, intervention, beautiful conversations, drunken conversations, adventures, sappy movies, thought-provoking movies, barbecues, roommates' boyfriends, amazing food, bike rides, books (this department's been somewhat lacking), amazing scenery from the deck, neighbors, and a wonderful, cozy full-size bed with purple sheets.

up next: two weeks in socal. tuesday through saturday in newport with my favorite not-related-to-me family, the henningers, and then saturday-thursday with my favorite related-to-me family doing absolutely nothing besides tanning (hello, skin cancer) and reading (who is mark twain by mark twain).

life really can't get much better.


pageonpaper said...

ummm....hello skin cancer?? yes hi, this is your bff indian butt. i am bringing my sister white booty to visit you. cant wait =)

Kat said...

love the drunken conversations the best :)

and don't get skin cancer. i'll smack you if you do. and that's a promise.