Friday, September 25, 2009

less is not more.

i'll be honest. 

i try to keep my blog lighthearted. there are plenty of other people out there blogging their brains out about religion, politics, their 
own lives, the world... a billion different things that usually are a. boring b. depressing c. kind of unsolvable.

today i'm writing a boring, depressing, kind of unsolvable blog about all of this budget cut nonsense. because i'm steamed. 

faculty and staff at cal poly and throughout the california higher education system are taking a ten percent pay cut and must abide by a new program that involves "furlough days." faculty and staff technically aren't getting a ten percent pay cut because the university requires them to take off six days per quarter. The idea is to allow them to work fewer days because their paychecks are less. Except they still have the same amount of work. 

Budget analysts, professors, lecturers, department heads and admi
nistration are all required to do pretty much the same amount of work they were required to do last year. 

this quarter alone i paid almost $400 more for tuition. that's an extra $1200 per year for tuition. 

this quarter one of my classes got canceled. due to budget cuts.

this quarter alone i'm also missing five days of class due to required "furlough days" my instructors must take.

so... i'm paying more and getting less.

there's got to be a better solution to this mess.

i'm not going to pretend to know what to do because i'm the first to admit that i need to educate myself further in what's going on with the budget. and i fully intend to do so. i just know that this system is not the right one nor is it beneficial to our educators or students.

education shouldn't be for those who can afford it. 
education shouldn't be compromised to make a statement about pay cuts.
education shouldn't be a number two, three or four priority to our government.

whatever's happening to our education system isn't right. there has to be a better system.

a pretty sweet picture of a protest at berkeley regarding the budget cuts. 
(check out my buddy kealan's blog to read about the protests going on at berkeley)

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