Monday, September 21, 2009

oh snap.

i'm listening to carrie underwood's "young and beautiful" and loving the lyrics, "while we're young and beautiful, we'll party down on mainstreet, wearing next to nothing, feeling every heartbeat." wow week, anyone? overall, a pretty good week. a couple of glitches, but a mostly fun week.

school's starts tomorrow. i have 7 a.m. class. 

thank goodness i love the morning.

summer was good to me. no complaints, no regrets. only a beautiful summer in slo with people who were good to me.

hello, junior year. please don't kick my butt.

this made me laugh so hard. love it. (thanks, anna, for the post!)

p.s. favorite pixar short film EVER.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

junior year will be amazing

i love you and i'm gonna miss you so much

the "oh snap" thing is hilarious :)