Friday, September 4, 2009

yesterday i held a small meeting in the library for the magazine club. i really didn't expect people to show up. i didn't have a big game plan. i was pretty much not prepared (story of my entire summer).

a couple of lovely, dedicated people showed up and we got a heck of a lot done. i was stoked and now i'm ready to go back to school and start everything up again.

lately i've been questioning whether journalism is the right career path for me. i'm stuck with it for college, which isn't a problem, but i wasn't sure if it was what i wanted to do day in and day out for my job.

last night's meeting really helped me realize that journalism is for me, for now. i may change my mind (like i do about absolutely everything else) but for now, i want to write and talk to people and listen to their stories. i think doing absolutely nothing all summer killed my motivation to do anything productive in this world. 

i'm very much looking forward to school starting. i want a routine. i want journalism classes. i want magazine club. i want to DO SOMETHING.

p.s. our quartet last night was amazing. gideon, brett, kat and i sang many people to sleep. voices of angels, i'm telling you.

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