Friday, September 4, 2009

events leading up to a broken toe...

a couple photos from last weekend in parker:

gorgeous rocks. our view from our campsite.

lisa, gracie and layla (the puppy). about five seconds later layla was on top of the girls, doing the doggie water shake. gracie was not pleased.

pro lisa playing the 9-hole course in our campsite.

photo courtesy of lisa. this basically describes our weekend: blurry and silly.

my bestie, bretterson. please cover up those legs. we had a fabulous weekend together. i love how his family makes me feel like i'm part of them. 

thanks, henningers. you guys are the best. from sandy giving me don julio before the car ride to parker to mr. henninger always asking me on dates to lisa floating with me for hours and dancing on boats to lauren filling me in on the middle school- excuse me, now high school- gossip to bretterson agreeing to pull me on the shamoo behind the jetski.

what would i do without you guys?

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