Thursday, October 8, 2009

everyone must breathe until their dying breath.

tonight, abe peck came to speak with a couple of our magazine club groupies about breaking into the magazine business. at first there were four of us sitting around eating cookes and chatting with abe about freelance travel writing and the future of magazines. abe started telling us about his experience getting his music editor position at rolling stone magazine. throughout his talk, more and more people started trickling in. we must've had about 20 people show up (VICTORY!) to listen to abe speak. basically it was a huge success in my book. i talked to abe after the meeting and he's going to help me try to get into this internship program in new york this summer. cross your fingers and pray that i get in because i've been dreaming about this internship for over a year.

other exciting things in my life:

- more mustang daily articles: photo exhibit and dj spinoff
- i played soccer tonight. i did a whole lot of running and not a lot of kicking the ball. it was still really fun.
- i've been getting some really nice text messages.
- i am not dead-dog tired. yet.

enjoy the weekend. i know i'm going to. =)

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Rachel said...

awww I am so glad things are going well!!

are all you guys playing soccer on an intermural team? that sounds like so much fun.

I'm glad that magazine club is going well. anything I can help with from halfway across the world?

love you and miss you