Sunday, October 25, 2009

hit and miss.

so check this out.

brett and i are sitting on the green couch in my living room looking at my new blog hit counter at the bottom of my blog. we keep refreshing my blog on our computers just to see the number go up at the bottom. it's really exciting!

twenty refresh clicks later, we're DONE CLICKING (brett, stop). now the experiment begins. i've been wanting to put this little guy on my blog for a long time because i want to see how many people read my blog.

a. scared that no one reads my blog.
b. even more scared to find out that a lot of people read my blog.

we'll see where this little experiment takes me.

it's sunday. the beginning of a new week.
let's be productive!!

(ashley and kat, NO MORE REFRESH BUTTON!!!)


Kat said...


Rachel said...

haha great idea. i'm putting it on my blog too :)

if i didn't have so much homework and studying to do i'd probably hit refresh like, 30 times just to freak you out. don't worry. i wont.