Sunday, October 18, 2009


i went home this weekend.

i didn't realize how homesick i was until i got here and remembered how much i love being at home. i love how excited pudge gets when she sees me and how there are golf balls EVERYWHERE in the living room from my dad practicing his putting. i love being silly with page. it would've been nice to see lauren too, but she couldn't make it. i even got to see uncle george this weekend! such a treat.

this is a little drawing of the house my mom and dad lived in when they first got married in louisiana. it's in my dad's room along with a whole bunch of pictures of my mom and us girls. there are things in my house that i forget about until i come home after not being here for a long time. there's another little wood carving of this house and it has a banner across the porch that says, "welcome, y'all." so adorable.

i miss home. i wish i weren't four and a half hours away. i want to be able to pop in and say hi whenever i want to my dad and page and lauren. i'm excited that thanksgiving is right around the corner. i know a lot of families consider christmas their big family holiday, but we do it real big for thanksgiving. this year's going to be a good year for "hanks"giving. i can tell.

home is where the heart is. and my heart belongs to my dad and the schiller girls.


Carizza said...

This made me all teary. Next time you see your dad, thank him for making me always feel so welcome in your house. I love you girls and your daddy Hank too =)

Ryan said...

i felt the same way the weekend before when i was down visiting. see you soon!