Sunday, January 17, 2010

easy as a sunday morning.

today robbie and i headed to santa barbara today for an adventure.

we stopped at starbucks in santa maria and saw this crazy coloring book.

when we go to santa barbara, we found a cafe to grab lunch and watch the chargers game. robbie watched. i ate.

took a walk on the pier...

wanted to go in an art gallery but it was closed.

so we went to an antique shop next door. i'm definitely going back there. this little owl guy reminded me of page.

corny bike rental sign...

extremely big bike. i wanted to climb on it but decided against it.

went for a drive and got a little lost. this sign was in someone's private driveway. super cute snail.

robbie took me to a lake and on the way there we drove into misty mountains. we felt like we were going to jurassic park.

we had to hike down a muddy hill to get to the lake. so outdoorsy.

a fishing pier... i had a really hard time understanding why it was so steep and robbie had to explain to me that the water level was low, otherwise the pier would be level with the regular water level... i felt like an idiot.

rainy day picture.

it was a really nice way to spend a rainy sunday.

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Carizza said...

I love your photojournalism talents. I'm jealous! You are so purdy Niki, love you!