Sunday, April 11, 2010

WLC... what what!

this weekend i went to the ropes course on campus with the women's leadership council.

it was amazing.

we drove about 20 minutes behind campus to get to the course. there were baby cows everywhere!!

we cross a stream on a rope...

then the real challenges began. after crossing the stream and taking a short hike through the woods we came to a clearing. i didn't realize we were even at the ropes course until i looked up. about 25-30 feet in the air there were ropes, wires and a giant ladder made up of planks of wood. i was nervous.

after a couple of practice activities on a wire about a foot off the ground, the girls and i challenged ourselves to walking on a wire 25 feed off the ground.

one of my favorite activities (and most physically challenging) was the giant's ladder.

two people helped each other climb up the ladder. the highest rung was 40 feet off the ground. my partner made it to the very top but i couldn't get all the way up there!

my next favorite activity was leaping from a tall pole to smack this red ball. it was really scary!

our lovely ladies with our activity leaders..

things i learned after the ropes course:
- i have absolutely NO upper body strength.
- i'm not as afraid of heights as i though.
- i really enjoy the ladies on the leadership council.

also, i headed to a redneck party at beta with robbie and his roommates. two girls actually thought i was pregnant at a frat party. ridiculous!

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pageonpaper said...

i fully enjoyed all of these photos!! your redneck getup is absolutely ridiculous. loved robbie's gatorade legit.