Wednesday, May 5, 2010

some yummy links.

something exciting happened today! well, a few exciting things...

i went to my academic advisor and found out i only have 9 more classes to take at cal poly! =) so cool.

while i was waiting in line to talk to my advisor, i started chatting with this lovely girl. we talked about studying abroad, switching majors, boyfriends, photography... then i mentioned what a nerd i am and that i follow some sweet photography blogs. she asked if i knew what theimageisfound is and i said YES, of COURSE i knew what that was! it is, in fact, a link on the sidebar of this very blog. she said that she knows the photographers! they go to her church in san diego. she's even IN some of the photos. i'm so sad that i don't remember her name. she was such a sweet girl. hopefully i'll run into her again someday soon.


my lovely friend, anieca, has two sweet websites that you should check out:

1. she's a wonderful baker. she and laine, her roommate, are. she's creating a bakery, so order some cookies and cake!

2. she's also an amazing photographer. she came over to my house yesterday to use me and my environment as a model. too bad i'm a HORRIBLE model! i don't have sexy pouty lips or any sassy poses. i'm just weird and smiley all the time. oh well! check out her photos. she's great.

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