Tuesday, August 17, 2010

girls trip (plus brett) to laguna

in high school i was obsessed with laguna beach, the mtv show. i mean absolutely, positively steven-obsessed, lc-obsessed and kristin-obsessed.


you know you were in love with it too.

today bretty, lauren, christina and i headed to laguna today for some steven, lc and kristin stalking. just kidding, we all know they moved to LA. (can you tell i'm obsessed with the hills too?)

the little ones- who, may i mention, are getting so big that i really shouldn't call them little ones... both ladies are taller than i am- played some paddle ball on the beach. a whiffle ball filled in for the lost paddle ball.

everything was going smoothly until the little ones challenged us to beat their 16 paddle rally...

this is what our paddle rally resulted in.

we eventually did beat them with a 17 paddle rally, which they followed up with a 30 paddle rally. needless to say, they kicked our butts.

a little while later, we did some tide pool exploring.

how cute are they?!

sir bretterson basking in the sunlight.

avoided these rocks. too much ow for our bare feet to handle.

found a pretty little lagoon to check out.

my hips > brett's hips

some brotherly/sisterly love.

some pretend sisterly love.

brett being the little mermaid.

my turn getting splashed (waaaay in the back of the photo).

the girls pretending to check out what was in the water while actually checking out the hotties next to them.

smooth, ladies.

i think the whole paddle boarding thing is really cool. if i hadn't watched shark week i think i could consider trying it...

stacking rocks... for a while it looked impossible.

NOTHING is impossible.

way to be persistent, brett!

love these rocks.

lauren found this funny, scared-looking face on one of the rocks.


a few things i did but DIDN'T take pictures of (sad!) in the last week or so:

- the little mermaid ballet with becca at the redlands bowl. cutest thing in my entire life. thanks, bec, for always being full of fabulous ideas!
- venturing out on robbie's boat in san diego. i DID bring my camera, but forgot my SD card. daaang it. made friends with a pelican and a couple of fish.
- jon's 21st birthday in san luis obispo and moving robbie and jon into their new apartment. SWEET place, you two. michael, thank you for putting up with my friends references and for moving the heavy stuff.

next adventure: VEGAS!!!! robbie and i are scheduled to see holly's peepshow in a week!

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