Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and we're back in the game!

after what felt like a thousand hours of stressing, a week of no internet, and three hours of resnet help, my computer finally works.

thank the lord.

cal poly is better than ever. my roommates are fantastic. our apartment is becoming a little less hospital-like every day.
my bedroom!

our bathroom!
our tiny kitchen with three stools for four roommates ( i don't understand it either...)

classes are... going. i'm a little disappointed in the quality of my teachers, however my english teacher, Mark Roberts, is wonderful. i'm actually looking forward to reading frankenstein and heart of darkness this time around. who knew?

wow week was better than i imagined...

yes... we got in trouble for being native americans. i felt terrible and wrote a note of apology to the native american woman on campus who complained about our group. she was very nice about it.

Opening Rally (imagine this times like, 100000x cooler)

my AMAZING wow group! i love all of them.

i'm happy to be here and that's all that matters.


becca. said...

proud of you for apologizing rather than going on the defensive.

nikol said...

thank you. i thought of you and the whole blackface discussion and i should've thought about that in the first place....

i'm working on it.