Monday, October 6, 2008

M to the azatlan.

my sister has the worst luck in the world. i wish i could help her, but she just can't seem to catch a break.

linda is this lady who works at the golf course. i have never met anyone like linda. she has cancer, two kids to support and works as a waitress and she has the most positive outlook on life. i love her. she gave page this voodoo magic pendant that she wears to make her feel better about all the crap she deals with. i thought that was a very selfless, kinda weird, but genuine gift and it made me happy that page might catch some black magic luck soon.

i'm going to mazatlan in march.

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Kevin Michael Bazan said...

it is heartening to meet someone like this linda is it not? even in the face of great adversity, hope is still there, and it makes you feel yourself like your worries are less than what you are making them. incredible. and you are going to mazatlan? what are you going for? school or holiday or what?