Sunday, October 12, 2008

vegas, baaaby.

i leave for vegas on friday and i'm so excited.

here is our itinerary for our vegas weekend:

friday- hop on a plane at the pueblo airport in santa barbara. get to vegas! hang out with the coolest sacknoff girls in the world (mama val, big sister kristy, other big sister stephanie, and of course, my ashley). get ready for a girls night out. go to dinner. go watch JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! dance, love, sing. return to the hotel for some sleep.

saturday- have a lazy breakfast with all of the girls. shopping later, of course. pool time- for boys and tanning. saturday night- crazy adventures.

sunday- fancy brunch. say goodbye to vegas. hop on a plane and head back to slo town.

i'm excited. i bought some cute boots and a fancy yellow dress.
get ready for some picture posts after this weekend.

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becca. said...

i am going on halloween weekend. just missed eachother! dang.