Wednesday, February 18, 2009

let's go clubbin'.

check it out.

i'm starting this club. for reals. i'm not just talking about it anymore. i'm actually going to do it. i'm very nervous and excited and stressed out about it already. it's going to be great.

it's a magazine club for people who are interested in entering the industry. i have this huge vision of printing 1,000 student-made magazines by the end of next spring quarter (2010). i don't know if that'll actually happen, but i'm going to work my butt off to find out if i can do it. if WE can do it. i'm holding a general interest meeting on my birthday (i'm hoping that it'll bring me luck and that it'll give me confidence to speak in front of people) and i hope that a lot of people will come. because i need a lot of help if we're going to have 1,000 magazines printed by next spring quarter.

i'm super excited.

suggestions of club names and/or magazine names are greatly appreciated. =)

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cassandra said...

good luck lady! let me know if you need photos :)