Sunday, February 22, 2009

some people...

rant of the quarter about boys:

train of thought...

today i went to target and found three boxes of mac and cheese for one dollar. what a steal, right? then in the next aisle, i found canned pears- my favorite. this got me thinking about my eating habits which mostly consist of said mac and cheese and canned pears. which got me thinking about cooking and how i need to learn how to do that. which got me thinking about how TWO, not just one but TWO, boys this year have asked me out by saying: "maybe you can cook for me sometime."


ok. first of all, this isn't the fifties. i am a girl and i don't know how, or really for that matter LIKE to cook. i know. shocking. second of all, what kind of game is that? rude, people, it's just plain rude to ask someone out by suggesting they do all the work. that's like me saying, "hey, maybe you can take me to the movies and buy my movie ticket and some popcorn." rude.

i'm going to go eat my cheap mac and cheese and probably open up a can of pears.

bon appetit. 


Carizza said...

Lets get married and I can cook for you =)

pageonpaper said...

procrastination tip: organize your bra and panty drawer... according to color.

i hope we both pass our midterms :)

Janey said...

this made me laugh.
boys are dumb.