Saturday, June 20, 2009

holy jesus.

after a 7 hour train ride from slo to la, and an hour car ride from la to riverside, my dad and i pull into the driveway to two cars. one's our bmw that i use when i'm in town and the other is a stranger. i go, "whose car is that?" my dad goes, "that's your car, nik." and i go, "no, the other car. is it david's?" and he goes, "that's YOUR car, nik."

my dad just freaking bought me a car.

i cried. once i understood. it took me a while because i'm slow, but once i got it, i cried. kinda a lot. it was such an amazing surprise. not just the fact that my dad got me a car (which is AWESOME) but the fact that he took the time to search for one and spend thousands of dollars on me and keep it a surprise is what got me.

i can't believe my dad bought me a car.

there are so many things i can do with a car now. such as:

- go grocery shopping whenever i want.
- not ride my bike to work when i'm feeling super lazy (although uncle ed just got me a super nice road bike, so i'll still be riding my booty to work most days) or drive my car to school when it's raining.
- possibly get a job that's not within walking distance. like at avila golf course.
- go to the beach whenever i want.

most importantly, i can come home whenever i want. i don't have to wait for someone to drive south if i want to come visit. that, i think, is the best part of all.

life's going to be VERY different with a car.

i wonder what her name's going to be...


Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH!!! nikol that is so exciting!!!! i'm so happy for you :) i can't wait to meet her

Carizza said...

I love this. Your papa is so nice!