Monday, June 29, 2009

summer tiiiiime, everybody's feeling sexy.

my goodness, life is so much simpler without the internet! we still have yet to set up the internet in our house so when i do spend time online it's only for a couple of minutes rather than a couple of hours.

so freeing.

i have much to blog about. since i'm at work and blogging (terrible, terrible employee, i know), i will not be able to include pictures. once the internet is up and working at home, maybe i'll post a photo-only blog to accompany this one.

i'm now living in an adorable, little house up nestled up against one of the hills in san luis obispo. it's gorgeous. we have a deck that, if you wake up early enough, you can see the sunrise over the mountains in the distance. very cool. we still have yet to get a kitchen table but we're slowly but surely making the house our home.

i ride bikes now. it's pretty exciting. except i didn't ride to work today and i kinda wish i did because parking on campus is a freaking pain. i was ten minutes late to work because i couldn't find free parking. i had to resort to paying 5 bucks just to park far, far away from my job. cool. i'm so riding my bike from now on. i bought a sweet orange beach cruiser but uncle ed bought me a 21-speed specialized bike and it's absolutely amazing. i went from having just my two legs to get me places to having two bikes and a car in practically a day. i have too many modes of transportation and i love it!

summer has consisted of:
work (aka- online shopping, craigslist, blogging and postsecrets. please don't tell my bosses)
the beach and slushies
hanging out with gabby!!!!
watching entirely too many movies (i've watched more movies in the past three weeks than i have in like, two years)
being lazy
reading (nice girls don't get rich)

i like to be on the go and always doing something productive. these last two or three weeks have been completely lazy and i feel like i have absolutely no direction in life right now. which i know isn't completely true. but i start to feel like that when my days aren't filled with stuff i feel is important to complete, i'm not going anywhere or doing anything important with my life. i need goals and projects and deadlines to keep me feeling productive and content. i'm trying a different approach to life for the next couple of weeks. i'm going to relax, read, do nothing of too much importance, and enjoy summer. this'll probably be the last summer i'll be able to do that until i have to work or begin some kind of career. i'm taking a break before i'm beginning my work.

realxing is kinda driving me crazy.

i know that in about a week i'll be itching to do something productive, but for now i'll try my best to enjoy my lazy, non-productive summer.

life with a car: it's so lovely having a car. even though i'm not home right now, i feel more comfortable with being four hours away from my family. i'm going to go visit them soon and it's just a really good feeling. i'll do my best to take good care of my car because that sucker's going to last for a really, really long time.

hanging out with gabrielle buras: i forgot just how much i love that girl. she's exactly the same person she was when she was 10 years old, living in california, which makes me happy. she's my connection to my mom's side of the family and i value that relationship i have with her.

a couple of goals for the summer (i couldn't resist):
- write. a lot. i'd like to complete some kind of story. it doesn't have to be long, it just has to have a beginning, middle and end.
- read. a lot.
- practice taking pictures. ryan just got a camera, so hopefully i'll be able to do some fun photo shoots with him and rachel.
- save my monies. i am so very broke right now that it's ridiculous. i need to save some dollars.

overall, successful summer already. i can't wait to see what the rest of summer brings and what kind of trouble we'll be getting ourselves into.

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pageonpaper said...

i like that we both have lists of to-dos for the summer. you are my ohana