Monday, November 23, 2009

she said no... then yes!

page is getting married to ryan.

i now:
1. will have a brother.
2. can't wait to go to a fabulous wedding.
3. am so excited about the wedding planning process.

a couple of pictures from the proposal day:

ryan was a stud and played 13 holes without showing face that he was really, really nervous. when we got to the 14th hole, about three groups were backed up so we took a couple of pictures.

then ryan got down on one knee...

and page goes, "no!" she said that she thought he was falling. funny now! kinda scary at the time. ryan asked her...

she said YES, of course.

the rock. nice choice, ryan.

me giving a horrible, horrible speech at our house. i need to man up and cut out the crying.

the gang after golfing and the proposal.

it was a great weekend with the family. looking forward to hanksgiving and a wedding in a couple of months!


Rachel said...


oh my gosh that is so freaking exciting yayyyyyy!!!

Rachel said...

p.s. how happy is your dad?? hehe

nicole said...

congratulations kids! also, i hope you wrote "hanksgiving" on purpose because that would be real cute.