Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a week and a half?!

i can't believe i haven't blogged for more than a week and a half.

so wrong.

i can assure you nothing life-changing has happened in my life, although nicole morgan-schiffer's life changed when baby ben was born on friday the 13th! can't wait to meet you, little ben.

mostly i've been wishing, hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that these next couple of weeks of school will go by as painlessly as possible. so far, i've been doing pretty well keeping the stressing out to a minimum. today's the first day in about three days that my head's starting to hurt, which is such a huge improvement from the constant headache of "ok, what's next?!"

i leave tomorrow to go home for thanksgiving. i am 1. relieved that a week-long break is finally here 2. starting to realize that my break will eventually consist of quite a few hours of homework 3. wishing that i could spend a stress-free, week-long break with my slo friends as well as my family.

but hey. i'll take what i can get.

i'm so very excited to see all the schillers and mccarthys in a couple days! hello, party central.

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nicole said...

thanks for the shout out to baby ben, he can't wait to meet you too! <3