Thursday, July 1, 2010

everything has a beginning, middle and end. this is the beginning.

here are a couple of photos that i haven't posted. they're from a little while ago.

i took robbie to the journalism banquet at the end of the school year. it was at avila beach. i had never been to avila at night and i loved the lights on the pier.

in the last few days of chaos before moving out and before finals were done, robbie and i turned my (messy) room into an office. we were wheelin' and dealin' in the craigslisting business. i had a couple of things i was selling and we tried to sell his bike. it was a funny little afternoon.

the second weekend of the summer i headed to palm springs with page's friends for her bachelorette party! it was so cute and a lot of fun and HOT.

a few nights ago, brett's little sister lauren and i went to the eclipse midnight premiere. while standing in line, i watched new moon because i hadn't seen it yet. the movie was awesome. i'm definitely a twilight nerd and i loved every second of the premiere!

more photos of the summer to come! fourth of july is a bust this year.. page and i both have to work. however, we are having a garage sale next weekend! hopefully we make big bucks.

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