Thursday, July 1, 2010


carizza and i made a date to head to the getty wednesday.

so we did.

we dressed up in flowery dresses, packed a picnic and took our cameras for a classy adventure.

us in the car with our matching stormtrooper keychains:

the traffic- and smog!- in la were NOT pleasant. but we dealt.

an hour and a half drive later (should've been about 45 minutes!) we got to the getty where everything is freeeeeeeee!! it's a beautiful place.

oh. i forgot to mention that i went with carizza's friends greg (far left), jessica (second to right) and collin (far right). they were all so very nice and had great attitudes. the wire statue thing they're standing by is supposedly a face looking over the mountain but i think it looks like a snowshoe.

i hadn't used my camera for a while, so please excuse the artsy photos.

our first stop was the gardens.

doesn't this waterfall remind you of a mayan temple or something?!

credit for the photo set-up goes to carizza. i just took the picture. it was among my favorites for the day.

i liked that she was kissing his cheek. cute.

carizza and greg.

we had a nice little picnic out by the gardens. it was delish.

carizza in the photography exhibit. there was some work by james nachwey, a war photography who i love. his work is always so sad but so good.

miss jessica on the tram back to the car. i love the colors and her jewelry in this one.

overall, it was a lovely trip with nice, new friends.

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Rachel said...

the Getty is one of my favorite places ever!! Looks like the day was a blast :) love the photos