Saturday, July 17, 2010

tourist for a day.

this is probably the most adorable youtube video ever.

i went to visit robbie this week and i forgot my camera! i'm so bummed because we did a lot of cool things.

tuesday night we went to old town with robbie's parents and david and had a DELICIOUS dinner. then he and i headed to pacific beach and went to a few bars. while walking to one of the bars we found a wad of money on the ground! we picked it up and waited to see if anyone came back to claim it but after 10 minutes or so, no one did. we counted the money and there was $240! we celebrated by having shots of patron. it was fabulous.

wednesday we went to the midway, a gigantic war ship that you can launch planes off of. we took a little tour (we're such nerds) and hung out at seaport village. i felt like such a tourist.

i'm so lucky that i get to see him about once a week this summer. he's been so great to me.

ONE WEEK UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! the big day's coming up! i'll have plenty of stories and photos to post soon!!

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