Tuesday, July 20, 2010

if i leave here tomorrow.

ryan's 21st birthday was monday night.

it was quite the night.

we headed downtown to the royal falconer for a couple of drinks with ryan and his parents. a few beers, some birthday shots and seven minutes of free bird later, we decided to hop to the next bar and try some karaoke.

the birthday boy himself... ryan charles swearingen.

birthday shot on the house.

three very un-wise men taking a wise men shot (big dave, bretterson and ryan)

getting ready for the next bar.

watch the hands, boy!

at lake alice, the next bar, we signed up to sing "you're the one that i want" from grease.

fun fact about lake alice: their bar is the longest bar in riverside county. this fun fact sounds cooler than it looks.

unfortunately, after a few more of these it was time to take ryan home before they called our name for karaoke...

it was a simple night full of simple fun with lovely people.

slowly but surely people are beginning to arrive for the wedding. grandmother and ireney showed up today. carl and his family should be arriving tomorrow along with maw maw and stacey and eric.

photos of the schiller hotel coming soon!

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