Sunday, August 1, 2010

presenting the new mrs. douglas!

it's official: page is no longer a schiller. as of last saturday, page is now a douglas!

the wedding week was very successful. page and ryan spent so much time planning their big day to celebrate with everyone and their hard work paid off. everything from uncle carl and kids camping in our backyard to the actual reception was a ton of fun. unfortunately, i was having too good of a time to take pictures (sad.) but i did get this shot of the "welcome y'all" poster that was originally from my parent's wedding. on the other side it says, "just married." so cute.

page was absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. one of the coolest experiences of the day was watching the reveal, when ryan saw page in her dress for the first time. all of the bridesmaids watched while page walked down a private little outside walkway at the mission inn toward ryan. when he turned around you could see it in his face how blown away he was. it was by far the coolest moment of the day.

(photo credit to david blakeman. this is one of my favorites. thanks, david!!)

the day after the wedding, tiffany, luke, robbie and i left the hotel looking like a shitshow. tiff and i were wearing our dresses from the night before and our hair was a complete mess. my wallet and keys were missing. luke put on his sunglasses and one of the lens had popped out and was missing. we were a complete mess. we headed back to my house for a post-wedding brunch.

the entire weekend was beautiful. thanks, page and ryan, for planning such a fun, memorable weekend.

once the excitement was over, i headed to san diego to visit robbie. he loves going to the del mar racetrack so we went there for the day.

before we went i asked him to explain the betting process. he started talking about trifectas, quinellas, win, place show things... i wonder why the bets are called such weird names.

robbie strategizing.

i bet on miss nikki c to win. stupid nikki c lost.

we lost. big time. but a few beers and a $13 margarita later, we were happy campers.

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