Thursday, August 5, 2010


i headed to san diego once again this week and stupid me- i brought my camera but left my camera memory card at home.


robbie and i watched a lot of shark week late late tuesday night (who doesn't love shark week?! it's the greatest week of the year!) and decided to take his boat out on wednesday to shark watch.

we saw zero sharks and zero predatory action. we did, however, see some cute sealions, a pelican, a GIANT jellyfish and tons of fish. we had a go at fishing and caught two tiny guys. we used one of the fish for bait to catch something bigger (a shark perhaps...?). something BIG definitely was biting on him. the poor little guy was mangled up by the time we were done using him for bait.

robbie's mom convinced me to stay an extra night and i got to see miss jemi and sir michael while we lit some sparklers and watched a movie.

another lovely stay at the moen's this week. next week, robbie's heading up here for some riverside action.

until then, enjoy shark week!!

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