Friday, August 27, 2010

vegas, baby!

robbie and i took a middle-of-the-week trip to las vegas starting this past tuesday and ending thursday.

on the drive to nevada we saw this mountain and robbie pointed out that there was a face silhouette! we finally determined that it looked like abraham lincoln. can you see him?

when we arrived at the tropicana, we got out of the car and it was SCORCHING hot. i mean uncomfortable, nasty hot, even after the sun went down. thank god for air conditioned hotels.

we headed to a show and then hit the town after.

going through robbie's home (bally's. he's stayed there a couple of times and loves it.)

our first night ended with a couple winning hands at the craps table and a spilled eiffel tower drink. the tops of those suckers pop off like nobody's business.

on wednesday we decided to do as many activities as we could.

first stop: lions at the MGM. they were so cute and curious and spotty on their fur.

next stop: new york, new york for some arcade time.

robbie challenged me to an arcade battle: the one with the most tickets wins.

i clearly was the winner.

favorite, most intense game at the arcade. our case sucked.

we bought a ton of sweet toys with our tickets.

next stop: tropicana pool.

this was my favorite picture of robbie out of the entire trip. he looks like he's 6 years old.

after lounging at the pool for a couple of hours, we headed back to the room to get ready for the night.

rainforest cafe for a lovely (and VERY affordable) dinner.

(robbie really didn't want to take a picture with me next to the gorilla so i took one by myself. after i did that a couple more people took their pictures so robbie changed his mind and decided he wanted a picture too.)

we walked the strip after dinner and checked out city center.

after some more craps tables and roulette we ended the night with the water show at the bellagio.

the next day we went to the orleans and bowled.

next up on the adventure list: the move back to slo. two weeks and counting!

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Ana said...

looks like a great trip!!