Monday, November 2, 2009

just a little something...

story number one:
this weekend, i woke up and was fixing some toast when i heard a little squeaking sound coming from behind the stove. when i looked in the crack between the stove and the counter, i saw a tiny little mouse staring up at me with his little face stuck in a sticky mouse trap. ok 1. sticky mice traps are just mean. i was not happy when i found out they were in our house. 2. this little mouse was so cute and little. he needed to be saved.

robbie was my hero and rescued the little mousey without laughing at me for wanting to save him.

robbie and i agree that the mouse knew that we saved him and that he was telling his mousey friends how he escaped from the sticky trap by the stove.

story number two:
i talked to my dear friend carizza today. she and i are basically the same person so it was really nice to catch up with her, especially today of all days. it was just one of those days, you know where you can't seem to catch up, let alone get ahead of everything you need to do. stressful. whenever i have days like that i have to talk to the ones who know me best. talking to carizza really brought my stress level back down to a point where i don't feel like i'm going to cry anymore. thank goodness i have beautiful people in my life.

story number three:
i tried on a blonde wig this weekend. if i EVER tell you that i want to go blonde, just smack me because i look horrible as a blonde.

things to look forward to (because i need to be positive to get me through the next few weeks of school and because we can all use a little positivity in our lives):
- mccarthy-schiller golf tournament
- seeing emily
- HANKSgiving
- christmas lights
- seeing new moon
- reading during christmas break

just a few more weeks...

1 comment:

Carizza said...

You do not need a blonde wig because you are beautiful just the way you are. You and your bouncy, lustrous hair!

and I loved talking to you. Like we established, it needs to happen more often. I believe that this week will be the week that a letter will be written to you. And NOT get lost


oh, and I think sticky mouse traps are horrid.